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How much is the costs of Netflix in Bangladesh?

Netflix is the world’s best leading position internet subscription package based on the American media site. To get the internet connection with any type of device for any TV shows, movies, or other programs instantly Netflix gift cards is the best.  More than 151 million paid members are enjoying this service all over 190 countries. 

To enjoy all TV shows or other programs you don’t need to online every time.  You can also watch your favorite shows by saving those offline.  From the founding year 1997 in august, they are providing a smooth service all over the world. It’s been 22 years that they are dealing with this service successfully.

Netflix in Bangladesh

We Gift providing this Netflix service but this is not our official product. We are working as a third-party marketplace from Bangladesh.  If you want, you can visit their BD website by hitting   here you will get the price in detail for dollar rate or BDT rate. To buy this HD premium account you can contact through or our social media sites also.

Netflix issues in Bangladesh

From 2016 Bangladesh has allowed this service for the Bangladeshi subscribers.  From that starting moment, they are increasing their subscribers. This is already 200,000 subscribers from Bangladesh only. And this number is growing very high every month. Bangladeshi subscribers pay out their charges by using international credit cards. According to the estimate of BTRC earns nearly $21.60 million from our country only.

That is how BTRC has decided to allow Netflix to build their cache server in Bangladesh. That will be a commission-based business deal fixed at the meeting on April 30. According to some ongoing commitments, BTRC will also allow Netflix to set a BD office.

Last year in April month High Court has released a tax form to include all online platform transaction records.  Google, yahoo, all ecommerce site like Amazon, Walmart, Daraz, eBay, and others.  Even from social networking sites like Face book, Instagram & the video-sharing site YouTube also.

If Netflix set their office in Bangladesh, it will be more beneficial for them. The present subscribers need to pay their charge through international credit cards. After completing the BD office setup, all users can pay their service charge trough mobile finance service also. This method will also increase the Netflix subscriber number from Bangladesh.

This setup will also expand the entertainment experience also. We can experience a foreign TV show or TV channel from our country easily. This platform will allow you to watch foreign content like Canada, Spain, Israel, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, and others.

The content of Netflix is not suitable for all ages or all groups of people. This is the major problem that Netflix facing in Bangladesh.  Another thread is Eros which is an Indian production house staying in the last 40 years. All the content is locally suitable for Bangladesh.  Eros has already 100 million subscribers all over the world.  Eros has crossed more countries than the Netflix subscriptions.  After giving 15 years in the international marketplace, Eros is now going to hit its market value.

No doubt that Netflix has all quality content but the maximum content is produced by Eros. Eros is also going to spend $50 million to purchase all original shows. So you can understand that what kinds of thread are waiting for Netflix for some next days.

Package details of Netflix & the sharing process

Basically Netflix has 3 different monthly packages.  Basic monthly package price $8.99 without a high definition viewing facility. Basic is for one device streaming. That means you can’t share this with another device at a time.

The person who wants HD regulation & wants to share that package with your roommate or others then you can select the standard package with $12.99 monthly.  For the significant another screen you can also use this plan. 2 screens are applicable for this standard package.

Sometimes we would like to enjoy the family package.  To enjoy Netflix movies or other shows with your family members you can use this premium package with $15.99 monthly. This plan will help you to access 4 devices at a time to enjoy their own Netflix shows.

Netflix Ultra HD also called the 4k resolution.  Generally, HD starts with 1920×1080 pixels but with this ultra HD pack, you will get twice many megapixels experience.  US users can get this Ultra HD content with the premium plan. But as a European, you need to sign up for an ultra package with an extra amount more than a premium plan.

Ultra HD for BD subscribers

For BD Netflix subscribers we have different Ultra HD premium account services to enjoy this wild marketplace.  Do you want to save your money by sharing your ultra HD packages with your friends or family? Netflix will not enforce you to share your account. But you can share it with different devices. For BD users we have mentions here some package details with monthly charges.

One screen Non-renewable – 290 BDT Monthly.
1 screen renewable package – 390 BDT Monthly
For Smart TV User – 450 BDT Monthly
Offer price for 1 screen user yearly – 3,000 BDT – Non-Renewable.
Yearly renewable package for 1 screen – 4500 BDT

We also have 2 kinds of plans for our BD user.  Plan 1 – based on ID & password & Plan 2 – 10% commission from package pricing. This is actually a business plan.  Before purchasing any package you should carefully read the terms & conditions of every package.

Netflix Holidays Gift Card

You might be thinking about this holiday season Netflix Gift card to surprise your friend or special one.  For this purpose, you may like to find anyone who is totally not connected with this world area streaming service.  The person who has not yet subscribe to this popular site can enjoy the wild service by sending this gift card service.  Perhaps you may not know that Netflix is allowing the existing members’ accounts to share this gift card also.

Types of Gift Card

Following two ways you can share or collect the Netflix Gift Card service.  Physically you can send mail to receive the 12 digit code or you can deliver it yourself.  Then the second option is to use electronic gift card service which will only send you the code via email. From different retailers, you can receive that card physically. That can explore your suffering because you need to go outside. If you are not interested to go outside, then you can apply for the electronic gift card service. Following this way, you can be secure at your house & can enjoy the holiday season.

You cannot buy this gift card service from Netflix directly.  You need to get help from or for electronic cards of email service.  Amazon is able to provide you both services like electronic mail and physically received the code.  But will allow you one way for receiving the code. They only use the electronic mail service.

You can customize your Gift card amount from $25 to $200 on Amazon electronic mail service.  And if you want to collect the gift card service from then you have different options like $30, $60, or $100 allotments.


1.            How many types of accounts are available?

Accounts types are 2. Monthly package account & yearly package account. You can also choose the option of renewable or nonrenewable.

2.            How much time it will take to activate a new account?

It will take one working day to complete all processing then we will deliver you via email or WhatsApp just because of the different time zone.

3.            Does the Premium package a privet account?

Yes, it is a privet account supported with 4 HD screens.

4.            Do I need to connect with the internet to watch my favorite TV show?

No, you can also save your favorite TV show on offline. Then you can enjoy it without connecting your internet package.


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