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How to Use Razer Gold Pin for Mobile Legends- Easily Top Up 2500+ Games

Grab your Razer Gold pin top-up to explore nearly 2500 online games & other apps. This platform will help you to solve mobile legends reload for both android & iOS system.

No credit card, no login or registration required. Just complete the payment information with your gaming account.

By completing all procedure your balanced will be automated added into your account. So according to my point of view, this is the best way to collect your diamonds without using a credit card.

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Razor Gold Pin BD – Reliable Way for 2000+ Popular Games Top UP

We also provide worldwide Razer Gold Gift Card service. This is also known as ZGold MOL Points. Through this gold Pin card, you can unlock many games feature & update them also.

The purchasing denominations are available with $10, $20, $50 & $100. So, collect your virtual credit as per your requirement.

Reload Mobile Legends Diamonds via Razer Gold (100 Words)

No doubt that it is an easy way. For mobile Legends diamond Top-up, Twilight instant pass with cheap rate, starlight membership or for the seasonal pass you can enjoy your ML Diamonds through Razer Gold very easily.

  • First fill-up the ID
  • Select your require dimension
  • Now complete the payment option
  • Then the credit will be automated add with your ML account.

Some information you should learn before applying for ML diamonds.

  • They just need your user Id for ML Diamonds top-up.
  • This will be better to stay logged in while completing the transaction. After completing the steps, you will get the Diamonds into your MLBB account.
  • To avoid delay at the time of the transaction, you should be more careful to provide the correct user ID.

Razor Gold pin Direct top Up (200 Words Max)

US account holder can use this direct top-up pin only.  This pin is a digital or virtual code to reload your razer Gold wallet or top-up to participate in any game credit. This virtual game credit will help you to get extra game rewards for razer silver. Let’s know the steps for Razer Gold Pin Direct Top Up

  • At first, select the “Use Razer Gold Pin” option from the home page.
  • Fill up the serial number, pin number, User ID of ML account.
  • You will get that information like a serial number or pin number at the backside of your voucher or gift card.
  • To know your User ID, you can also have a look at the left corner of your avatar. This will be available on the game screen main page.
  • Now the next step, order summary. Click on the Icon “Proceed To Checkout”.

Here you all. Now you can check your game credit balance. This pin will be automated converted into your credit balance.

Reload from Razer Gold Wallet (200 Words Max.)

This unified virtual credit is for all game lovers worldwide. That doesn’t matter, where are you living. This credit will give you the permission to enjoy all the premium digital content like apps, games rewards with many exclusive promotional offers with reward points Razer Silver. Let’s talk about the steps of Reload via the Razer gold wallet.

  • If you are not a member yet then you can register first.
  • Completing the sign in step, select the “select amount”. This option is available on the homepage of your ML account.
  • You will find different Diamond credits according to your budget. Select a suitable one.
  • Now fill up the User information like user ID & Pin number. To confirm your User ID & Pin Number, you can click on the avatar from the left top corner.
  • Next, select the payment option Razer Gold wallet. There you can also find the rewarded points also.
  • Now check out the order summary portion information. After completing the checking step, you can hit the icon Proceed to Checkout.

Here is all about your Razer Pin wallet reloading procedure. You can also get your User Id from different ways.

Benefits of Using razer Gold Pin for 2500+ game Top UP(200 Words Max.)

Using a razor gold pin will open thousands of opportunities in Infront of you. Sometimes you can think that it is the key to unlock the premium lock features. Without the serious game lover or the online worm. Let’s talk about why should you use this great Razer Gold top-up service.

  •             You will get enough virtual credit to offer a gift to your friends.
  •             Instant mail delivery service & also able to use this credit while having online shopping.
  •             Available with all possible lowest rate
  •             To get an amazing online game with a reasonable price like 25% off, 50% off or 905 off.
  •             Has in-game items with limited edition
  •             Available opportunities for online or offline games.
  •             You can pay with the ratio of localized currency.
  •             Has the opportunity to earn the silver Razer pin after using the gold one.
  •             Promotional option for exclusive games.

To get more information you can visit our site

Stay connected to get more updated information about Razor Gold Pin. Thank you.


1.        What to do to earn Razer silver?

This is actually the award of purchasing the gold pin. If you are able to spend 1 Gold Pin then you will get $1. You can compare this transaction the worth of 5% for getting Razer Silver

2.        What is the Razer gold pin?

This is a digital code to reload your Razer wallet. It will be worked like the top up or the credit upgrade. After purchasing the card, we will send you the scanned code through the mail.

3.        Is there any restriction for the Razer gold Card?

  • Need to reload the wallet for the US only not for the global account.
  • Require time to time identity verification to make sure the ownership validity.
  • Direct top-up service is only available before sign in your account.
  • Wallet balance will be available after your login to your account.
  • Applicable for Philippine, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore only.

4.        What is the expiry date of Razer Pin?

Actually, this Gold card has no expiry date. So that the game lover can use it according to their convenient time. Which is really very important to every online lover. But purchasing from the will give you 1-year validation. You can send us your email receipt to know the correct expiry date.

5.        Is there any refund procedure for the Gold Pin service?

No, refund, return or exchange is not applicable for Razer Gold Pin service.

6.        How do I will get my Razer gold code?

This is a simple way. After submitting the requesting email to us we will verify your documents details. Completing the verification with other procedures we will send you the scanned code as soon as possible.

7.        What are the tricks to get a free Razer Gold E-gift Card?

  • Download the reward app to fetch the free available reward point from the apps store.
  • Scan any kind of Grocery receipt
  • Accumulate the points in a second
  • Now redeem those points to get your free E gift card of Razer Gold

8.        How to solve my experiencing issues?

You just need to contact the customer support page with Gold Pin query, order number & Email address which you used at the time of placing order.


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