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Microsoft Declared to reveal New Xbox Series X Game Console in 2020

All around the world, Microsoft is Well known for providing mostly influencing Personal Computers software like- Windows, Office, Outlook Xbox Series X etc. You can hardly find any person in this era never hear about Microsoft and it’s great software products for personal computers.

For the game lover users this Big leading Software manufactures designed Xbox for next generation gaming console device.

The Worldwide Gamer Communities has already known with this device for it’s performance playing high definition and functional games online.

Microsoft Xbox Game Console has updated each years and still improving its features and performance. As, the popular games also updated their functionally and encoding system. The the console also need to up upgrade with them. This Company first release Microsoft Xbox for their passionate Gamer in 2001.

Going through a few upgrading the developers worked to released a new version of this console then named Xbox X Series.

Since then, this Home Video gaming Console becoming more popular Day by day. Still the worldwide familiar company trying to update the gaming console to add more features for their customers.

As a part of this it also designed another new generation gaming Console they named the version Xbox X Series. They planned to reveal the Device in this Holiday Season.

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New Features and Updates coming with Microsoft Xbox X Series
  • Xbox Series X has an SSD for faster load times
  • More powerful processor from AMD for better graphics
  • Xbox console will carry forward your purchases and progression from Xbox One games
  • Focused on the kind of under-the-hood specs that appeal most to that core audience.
  • Xbox Series X will be our fastest, most powerful console ever
  • Set a new bar for performance, speed and compatibility
  • Four times faster than the current Xbox One X
  • Processor: AMD “Navi” processor (“SoC”)
  • Optical Media Drive: Blu-ray disc drive
  • Storage: Solid-state drive
  • Memory: GDDR6 RAM
  • Price: Coming Soon!

Top Games to play on your New Microsoft Xbox Series X

Since 2001, Microsoft Xbox became more popular worldwide. Among the passionate Gamer this is a option to make great deal with their day. The manufacturer designed cool games any type for their clients.

Here I featured top 5 games to play on your Xbox Gaming Console to meet bold people requirements on virtual world.



This adventure type game start by Tomb Raider Reboot version in 2013. people are muck like the main character Lara Croft to fight with strength. It has Funny puzzles and excellent cinematic. You can start with this adventure game on your new Xbox series X.



If you like to sail in the SEA then this game can make you Happy. You can discovers treasures and attract on the enemies sees.

You can be the leader of a group of lighthearted pirates. To rob riches and help poor. The danger will wait in the water and still you need to sail your sheep.

Resident Evil 3 Remake

Resident  Evil 3 Remake

A horror game you need to kill evil and make a safe journey. Sometimes people need you help to safe from dead people.

Action Horror game will give you the test of facing real ghosts. Your mission is ti kill them and lead a cool healthy life. Amazing game for the people like to watch horror staffs.



Overwatch became one of the popular Microsoft Xbox game since it published in 2016. The team based hero shooter need to fight team wise against brute force.

With a broad option to choose from 20 hero you can take anyone to play the game. If you really like adventure game then you better check this out.



Fortnite is a easy and very simple game to play on your Xbox video game console. You don’t need an introduction to start the game.

Players alwasy find something new to do or see. The game is full of adventure and hope you’ll like this.


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