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PUBG Season 13 coming with Exciting Features- Released on 15 May 2020

For the worldwide PUBG users, this 13th May can be memorable day ever. From the official PUBG twitter accounts it is declared to release the PUBG SEASON 13 on this May 2020. With new strategies, weapons, battle field and more exiting features to make it more interesting to the players.

Watch out PUBG Season 13 Trailer

New features coming with Season 13 update!

PUBG Season 13 will be getting started on 13 may 2020. As a result the PUBG SEASON 12 Royal pass is set to expire on 12 May.

PUBG Mobile Season 13 Leak Release Date, Royale Pass, Outfits, Weapon & More.

PUBG Mobile Season 13 Leak Release Date, Royale Pass, Outfits, Weapon & More.

The PUBG already release the some features to go with the update. You can get the new theme, skin, playground any many more If you didn’t update them from your PUBG Mobile Accounts already.

Here I have tried to include all the updates and futures coming with this Season 13 Royal Pass.

Patch Notes & New Features

  • PUBG Mobile Royal Pass Season 13 (Released date- 13 May 2020)
  • Customized Weapon System: Guncraft Finishes
  • Bluehole Mode with EvoGround Experience
  • Miramar Updates and Sandstorm Effect
  • Toy Play Ground & Point Protection
  • New Weapon P90 Added
  • 7 more big fixed with the new update
  • New Skins

Mad Miramar Update

This is a revolutionary update coming for PUBG worldwide users. Mad Miramar Map has brought some new features and option for playing wisely. So what are they?

  1. New Map with Main Manu Lobby and music update
  2. New Miramar Achievements
  3. New events for great rewards
  4. Bluehole Mode will coming soon!

PUBG Version 0.18.0 Update

A new version of PUBG already launched on this 7th may. Each and every active user should have received the update. The part of the user did not get the version yet must update the new version 0.18.0 to join others people in their battle ground. Otherwise, they can’t invite their friends for help.

Cartoon Ranger

PUBG Season 13 Cartoon Ranger
PUBG Royale Pass Season 13 Cartoon Ranger

The Cartoon Ranger is a quiz recently added in updates brings you the chance to get PUBG Royale Pass Season 13 Exclusive Sets. PUBG Players just need to assembly the cartoon according to the hints.


Update Rewards

The Season 13 updates coming with hottest features and also some cool rewards for their users. Users should have get those rewards before 13th may 2020.

  • 2888 BP
  • 1 Radio
  • 3 Lieutenant Parsec Backpack

Visual Update to the Classic Miramar Map

The PUBG Developer group has made a great change in their mad Miramar Update on this 1st May. They bring some visuals improvements in their classic Miramar Map.

They included more housing areas, road and resources. So the player can fight from their specific battle ground. It will also help you to pick the best place and war wisely against the enemies.

Sand Strom Effect

This version of PUBG Mobile Game comes with a feature named Sand Strom Effect. Players can make revenge to the opponent competitors suing this special magical effect.

The cool thing is this fighting strategy enables you to destroy the whole enemy clans and get their rewards in short time.

Does PUBG SEASON 13 Available for PC, Xbox and PS4?

Yep, that’s the cool thing for the people like to play game on high performing gaming console devices like – Play station, Personal Computer or Xbox.

Read this blog to know more about PUBG Mobile Season 13 Release, Features and Updates.

What you need to get this Update on Mobile?

The PUBG Mobile Season 13 started updating from the 1st May. This updates requires 1.97 GB storage spaces on Android and 2.21 GB for iOS Devices.

It’s really essential to get this Update as soon as possible. The behind reason is the players can’t invite each other anymore using different versions.

Do players need any additional updates or setting for getting the full potential of PUBG Mobile Season 13?

PUBG Mobile SEASON 13 updates started on this 1st and will be continued to 15th may 2020. This updates are like a package. PUBG Players should have getting them gradually step by steps.

If you already fighting the strongest enemies in the battleground then you should have get some updates already. They are given Bellow:-

  1. Mad Miramar Updates_1th May
  2. Visual Updates_7th May
  3. Version 0.18.0 Update_9th May
  4. Toy Playground Update_13th May

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