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It doesn't matter which businesses you patronize. Be it Walmart, Massage Envy, Toys R Us, or AMC Theaters, chances are high athat there are discounted gift cards you can purchase for up to 10% off or more. You can either give these gift cards to others, or use them yourself to save money on products you purchase.


Gift cards are highly popular, but many people receive cards they don't want. These people typically sell their cards to gift card resellers at a discount, who in turn pass along the savings to people who purchase these cards online. The end result is that you can get gift cards at a steep discount if you know where to look for them.

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GiftCardRoom finds the resellers that consistently offer the lowest prices for various gift cards.


To use our site, simply decide which gift card you want to purchase and go to the corresponding page on our site. There, you will find links to resellers who will allow you to purchase cards for 10%, 20%, or even 30% off. You can typically buy gift cards by using Paypal or a credit card of your choice.

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